Application of HPMC  in dry-mixed mortar

Application of HPMC  in dry-mixed mortar
Application of HPMC  in dry-mixed mortar

The dry-mixed mortar is in accordance with the requirements of the construction. After being measured and fully mixed in the production workshop, it can be used at the construction site by adding water and stirring according to the determined water-cement ratio. Cellulose ether has the properties of thickening, emulsifying, suspending, retaining water, dispersing, construction, bonding, etc. It is an important admixture in dry-mixed mortar.
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose has the following advantages in dry-mixed mortar:
1. Excellent quality, dry-mixed mortar according to scientific formula, large-scale automated production, plus appropriate additives to ensure that the product can meet the requirements of special quality;

2. Rich variety, can produce various properties of mortar according to different requirements;

3. The construction performance is good, easy to scrape, and the process of pre-wetting and post-watering maintenance of the substrate is omitted;

4. Convenient to use, can be used by adding water and stirring, easy to transport and store, and convenient to construction management;

5. Green and environmental protection, no dust on the construction site, no mountains of raw materials, reduce the impact on the surrounding environment;

6. Economical, the dry-mixed mortar avoids the unreasonable use of raw materials due to the reasonable ingredients, suitable for mechanized construction, shortens the construction period and reduces the construction cost.

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is an important admixture of dry-mixed mortar. Cellulose ether can form a stable calcium-silicate-hydroxide compound with sand and cement to meet the requirements of high-performance new mortar materials.