Points to be paid attention to when dissolving hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

Pay attention to the following four points when dissolving instant hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose:

1. PH value of water: If the PH value of water is greater than 8, then even if it is added with stirring, it will not form a viscous solution quickly (but it will not slow down to 20 hours), if the PH value of water is less than 6.5, even after adding the material, it can be mixed evenly. But it also requires a certain dissolution time. This time is still related to the PH value. The lower the pH, the longer the time. It is recommended to add in neutral water, and then adjust the PH value When it is alkaline, it will form a consistency quickly. Of course, in actual use, it is generally not necessary to adjust it specifically, and most other materials will automatically bring up the pH value.

2. Even after adding the ingredients, it must be stirred, otherwise it will be layered.

3. Viscosity is low. Some marked viscosity does not match the actual viscosity.

4. The moisture is too high, resulting in too low content. It is equivalent to reducing the concentration of the solution