What is the effect of latex powder in self-leveling mortar

 Redispersible latex powder in self-leveling mortar performance introduction:
   1. Effect of redispersible latex powder on tensile properties
  The amount of latex powder added to the self-leveling floor material bulk tensile strength and elongation at break increased. As the amount of latex powder increases, the cohesion (tensile strength) of the self-leveling material is significantly improved, and the flexibility and variability of the cement-based self-leveling material are also significantly improved. This is consistent with the tensile strength of the latex powder itself being more than 10 times that of cement. From the test results, when the dosage is 4%, the tensile strength increases by more than 180%, and the elongation at break increases by more than 200%. From the perspective of health and comfort, this increase in flexibility is helpful to reduce noise and improve the fatigue of the human body standing on it for a long time.
   2. The effect of redispersible latex powder on flexural and compressive strength
  Under the condition of constant water-cement ratio and gas content, the amount of latex powder has a strong influence on the flexural and compressive strength of the cement base floor material. With the increase in the amount of latex powder, the compressive strength slightly decreased, while the flexural strength increased significantly, that is, the fold ratio (compressive strength/flexural strength) gradually decreased. This reflects that the brittleness of the self-leveling floor material decreases significantly with the increase of the latex powder content. This will reduce the elastic modulus of the self-leveling floor material and improve its crack resistance.
   3. The effect of redispersible latex powder on bond strength
Due to the particularity of the self-leveling floor construction: (1) the self-leveling layer is a secondary additional layer; (2) the thickness of the self-leveling layer is usually thinner than the general floor mortar; (3) after the self-leveling floor construction, it is used for rapid delivery , Usually no curing or curing time is very short; (4) the self-leveling layer needs to resist the thermal stress from different materials; (5) sometimes the self-leveling material is one of the important properties, the amount of latex powder increased, the self-leveling material The abrasion resistance has a very significant improvement; and the self-leveling material without latex powder has been cured in the laboratory for 7 days, and the reciprocating rolling has been worn through only 4800 times. This is because the latex powder enhances the cohesive force of the self-leveling material, and improves the plasticity (ie, deformability) of the self-leveling material, so that it can well disperse the dynamic stress from the roller.