The difference between redispersible latex powder and white latex

The scientific name of white latex is polyvinyl acetate emulsion, usually refers to the homopolymerization and copolymerization emulsion series products with vinyl acetate as monomer; the scientific name of redispersible latex powder is vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer emulsion, usually refers to the copolymerization of vinyl acetate-ethylene and The series of products of vinyl acetate-ethylene and other monomer multi-emulsion copolymer emulsions have different production processes, product indexes, performances, and uses.

There is little difference in appearance between white latex and redispersible latex powder. At present, the viscosity of redispersible latex powders for conventional domestic use is relatively low. For better workability, white latex generally has a much higher viscosity than redispersible latex powder. In addition, the flexibility of the redispersible latex powder after film formation is better than that of white latex.

In addition, the bonding strength of white latex is very strong. Bond the material to be bonded under the required environment and conditions according to the standard process, and make its bonding strength reach the best value, and then conduct a damage test along the bonding interface. If the material is glued, it means white latex.

The weather resistance of redispersible latex powder is longer than that of white latex. The viscosity of white latex depends on chemical corrosiveness. The viscosity rises quickly. The longer the time, the greater the damage to the wall, and it can be redispersed. The latex powder is physically sticky, and slowly increases viscosity without any damage to the wall. The longer the time, the stronger the stickiness.