What should I do if there are putty bubbles in the putty construction?

Common phenomenon of scraping putty powder: bubbles are generated during the construction process and after a period of time, the surface of the putty foams.
1. Reasons
1. The base is too rough and the speed of criticism is too fast;
2. The putty layer is too thick at one time, greater than 2.0mm;
3. The water content of the base is too high, and the density is too large or too small. Because it contains abundant voids and the putty has a high moisture content, it is not breathable, and the air is enclosed in the void cavity, which is not easy to eliminate.
4. After a period of construction, the bursting and blistering on the surface is mainly caused by uneven mixing. The slurry contains powdery particles that are too late to dissolve. After construction, a large amount of water is absorbed and swelled to form bursts.
Two, the solution
1. When a large area of ​​bubbling putty surface appears, use a spatula to directly crush the small blisters, and then use a suitable putty to scrape the foamed surface.
2. Putty is generally mixed evenly, then let it stand for about 10 minutes, then use an electric mixer to mix it again and put it on the wall.
3. When the second or last surface layer of the construction is blistering, a spatula should be used to remove bubbles before the watermark is removed to ensure that no bubbles appear on the putty surface.
4. For particularly rough walls, generally choose thick putty as the base material.
5. In the environment where the wall is too dry or the wind is strong and the sun is strong, first wetting the wall with clean water as much as possible, and after the wall is without water, scrape the putty layer.