hpmc powder-The close relationship between putty powder water retention and cellulose

hpmc powder-The close relationship between putty powder water retention and cellulose

The putty on the market includes paste putty, powdered putty, glue filler or cement, but no matter what kind of putty, HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose appears, and HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is also necessary in industry. An indispensable outstanding one, the following is the key to the composition and water resistance of putty by the Hebei Yida cellulose manufacturer.

Common putty on the market is divided into: water-resistant putty, non-water-resistant putty, according to the occasion of use, divided into internal wall putty, external wall putty, according to the function of water-resistant putty, elastic putty, high elastic waterproof putty.

Putty is mainly composed of white powder, added a little starch ether and HPMC (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), polymer organic matter, gray calcium powder, ultra-fine filler and water retaining agent. This type of putty has good whiteness and better bonding strength. High, water-resistant, rigid, alkaline product.

Water-resistant putty powder is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, gray calcium powder, cement, redispersible latex powder, water-retaining agent, etc. Such products have high bonding strength and water resistance, and are rigid and alkaline products. ) Advantages: strong adhesion, high bonding strength, certain toughness and good air permeability.

Emulsion type putty is mainly composed of polymer emulsion, superfine filler and water retention agent. This type of putty has excellent water resistance and flexibility, and can be used on various substrates, but the price is relatively high and it is a neutral product. Advantages: Chalking will not occur after being damp, and it has strong water resistance. When using water-resistant putty, the wall will not crack, peel, fall off and other phenomena. And the wall feels delicate, soft, and good texture. Even after pollution, it can be directly scrubbed or directly painted with interior wall paint. And can improve the performance and service life of the paint. When painting the interior wall again, it is not necessary to remove the wall surface and directly paint the interior wall paint. Water-resistant putty is an environmentally friendly material, which does not cause any pollution to indoor air.

Cellulose and water can absorb water and swell after dissolving. Different manufacturers’ products have different water absorption rates. Cellulose plays a role in retaining water in putty, which is closely related to the molecular structure of cellulose itself. So it is important to choose cellulose products with stable performance! cellulose manufacturers conducted rigorous investigations according to different customer groups. The putty powder products of  cellulose have strong adhesion, strong adhesion, good toughness, fine surface, soft look, good texture and improve coatings The performance and service life.