Modified Methylcellulose: An Essential Ingredient For The Effectiveness Of Gypsum Plaster

One of the greatest, common, and proficient finishing technique is plastering. It is used to make smooth surfaces beautiful and appealing to the eyes.

Aside from the fact that plastering enhances the beauty, it also serves as a protection coverage for stone and bricks to cover them from the direct reach of wind and rain.

Based on your desire for a particular type of finishing, different types of plastering materials are available for several works.

The plaster available in various stores are lime plasters, clay plasters mud plasters gypsum plasters, cement plasters, and several others.

Of all the available types of plasters, the gypsum plaster has gain a wide acceptance globally.

The reason for its wide acceptance isn’t far-fetched. Modified methylcellulose is the major ingredient added that gives it the smooth and perfect looks, and it has a great deal to become a replacement for the cement and lime plasters.

If you have desires to getting a pleasing smooth surface look, know that there are numerous companies that manufacture gypsum plaster that has modified Methylcellulose.

This, you can tell has made modified methylcellulose supplier to be on the increase in the market.

However, for the best deal, working with a reliable modified methylcellulose supplier will guarantee of the best product for your money.

Like you may already know, the best products are those acquired from trustworthy and dependable manufactures.

So, in this article, we will discuss the properties that make gypsum plaster a better choice for plastering.

Adaptability Of Modified Methylcellulose In the Construction Industry

The high demands of gypsum-based plasters are a result of the harsh climate conditions and rigid construction and building standards in our environments.

Modified methylcellulose is an additive that improves the applications of gypsum-based coats, putties, epoxy resin, and spackling mixtures, cement, and tile adhesive, and related products.

Modified methylcellulose is used to optimize mortar quality to meet the challenging demands of the market.

It enhances the composite structures especially, its water resistance. This permits buyers to meet approved requirements, thereby improving the robustness and workability of commercial and domiciliary structures.

However, always purchase your modified methylcellulose from a reputable and reliable manufacturer for your best deal.

Application of HPMC in Building Materials

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is a non-ionic cellulose ether made through a series of chemical processes, with the natural polymer cellulose as the raw material. It is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic white powder. In cold water, it swells into a clear or slightly turbid colloidal solution. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose and Methylcellulose can be used in building materials, coating industry, synthetic resin, ceramic industry, medicine, food, textile, agriculture, daily chemicals and other industries.

1. Cement-based Plastering Mortar

1) Improve the homogeneity, enabling plastering mortar easier for trowel coating, while improving the sag resistance, enhancing liquidity and pumpability and improving the working efficiency.

2) Increase the water retention, extend the storage time of mortar and improve the working efficiency, beneficial for mortar hydration and solidification to produce high mechanical strength.

3). Control the air entrainment, thus eliminating the cracks on the surface of coatings and forming an ideal smooth surface.

2. Gypsum-based Plastering Mortar and Gypsum Products

1) Improve the homogeneity, enabling plastering mortar easier for trowel coating, while improving the sag resistance, enhancing liquidity and pumpability and improving the working efficiency.

2) Increase the water retention, extend the storage time of mortar and improve the working efficiency, beneficial for mortar hydration and solidification to produce high mechanical strength.

3). Control the uniform consistency of mortar and form an ideal surface coating.

3. Masonry Mortar

1). Enhance the adhesion onto the masonry surface, improve the water retention and increase the mortar strength.

2). Improve the lubricity, plasticity and application properties; the mortar improved by the use of cellulose ether is easier for construction, saves the construction time and reduces the construction cost.

3). Cellulose ethers with particularly high water retention apply to highly water-absorbent bricks.

4. Panel Joint Fillers

1). Feature excellent water retention, extend the opening time and improve the working efficiency; act as a high-quality lubricant, easier for mixing.

2). Increase the resistance to shrinkage and cracking; improve the quality of coating surface.

3). Enhance the adhesion of bonding surface; provide with a flat and smooth texture.

5. Ceramic Tile Adhesives

1). Facilitate the dry mixing of ingredients without producing clumps; increase the application speed; improve the application performance; save the working time; and reduce the working cost.

2). Improve the tiling efficiency and provide with excellent adhesion effects by extending the opening time.

6. Self-Leveling Flooring Materials

1). Provide with the viscosity and act as an anti-settling additive.

2). Enhance the liquidity pumping and improve the flooringefficiency.

3). Control the water retention and shrinkage property, and reduce cracking and shrinkage of floor.

7. Water-based Coatings

1). Prevent solid precipitation and extend the shelf life. Feature high biological stability and excellent compatibility with other components.

2). Improve the liquidity, provide favorable splash-proof, anti-sag and leveling properties, and ensure excellent surface finish.

8. Wallpaper Powder

1). Dissolve quickly without lumps, conducive to mixing.

2). Provide with high bond strength.

9. Extruded Cement Panels

1). Feature high bonding and lubricity; enhance the processing properties of extruded products.

2). Improve the green strength, promote hydration and solidification effects, and increase the rate of finished products.

10. Dedicated Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Products for Ready-mixed Mortar

How to distinguish redispersible latex powder?

Redispersible latex powder is widely used in the construction industry as a kind of powder equipment binder. The quality of redispersible latex powder is immediately related to the quality and progress of engineering construction, along with China’s energy-saving construction With the rapid development trend of the sales market, there are more and more product R&D and manufacturing companies entering the redispersible natural latex powder products, and the space for customers to choose is also increasing.

But in addition, the quality of redispersible natural latex powder is becoming more and more uneven, with uneven quality. There is no shortage of some manufacturers in order to control costs, regardless of product quality standards, counterfeit or inferior products, or even counterfeit products, using general resin rubber powder to shout the banner of redispersible latex powder for cheap market sales, which not only disrupts the sales market Also deceived customers.

How to distinguish the quality of redispersible latex powder? Here are a number of basic ways to identify the quality of redispersible latex powder:

1. Distinguish from the appearance: Use a glass rod to cover a small amount of redispersible latex powder thinly and evenly on the neat glass surface, place the glass on tissue paper, and use visual effects to detect particles, foreign figures and condensation The appearance of things. The appearance of the redispersible latex powder should be milky white, freely flowing, well-proportioned powder without irritating taste. What is the quality problem? The main performance: the color of natural latex powder is abnormal; it contains residue; the particles are not smooth; there is a choking smell;

2. Dissolution method: Take a certain amount of redispersible latex powder and dissolve it in 5 times quality water, mix it enough, and let it stand for five minutes before observation. Under normal circumstances, the lower the non-substance that settles to the bottom layer, the better the quality of the redispersible latex powder;

3. Distinguish from the ash content: take a certain amount of redispersible latex powder, weigh it and place it in a stainless steel container, raise the temperature to 800℃, after 30 minutes of burning, refrigerate it to room temperature, and weigh it again. The quality of lighter weight is relatively good. Lightweight and cost-effective. The root cause of higher ash content is the high content of poor raw materials and inorganic compounds;

4. Use the demulsification method to distinguish: Demulsibility is the foundation for cement mortar to improve male sexual function. The poor demulsification ability is generally caused by excessively increasing the non-generator components or improper organic chemical components. The cost-effective redispersible latex powder has good demulsibility at room temperature, but it is not good at room temperature. Most of them have quality doubts about polymer or ash.

Test standard: Take a certain quality of redispersible latex powder, add water 1:1 and mix well, then let it stand for 2 minutes, then stir evenly, pour the aqueous solution on a piece of clean laminated glass, and place the laminated glass in a naturally ventilated shade. After enough dryness, tear off. Observe the polymer film that is torn off. High definition and high cost performance. Followed by appropriate involvement, good flexibility and high cost performance. Then cut the film into strips, soak it in water, and observe after 1 day, the less melted by water is cost-effective.

The above is only a simple way, can not distinguish the advantages and disadvantages, but can carry out the basic identification. Add the rubber powder to the cement mortar according to the instruction manual, and carry out the inspection of the cement mortar according to the matching cement mortar specifications. This kind of method is more objective.

What are the advantages of redispersible latex powder?

──Improve the bending strength and flexural strength of cement mortar

The polymer adhesive paper produced by redispersible latex powder has very good flexibility. Demulsification is broken in the voids and surface layers of the mixed mortar particles to form a flexible connection. Mixed mortars that are heavy and brittle and forced are becoming more malleable. Cement mortar with redispersible latex powder should have several times higher tensile strength than ordinary cement mortar.

──Improve the adhesive compressive strength and adhesion of cement mortar

After the redispersible latex powder used as an organic chemical adhesive is demulsified, it can produce high compressive strength and adhesive compressive strength on different boards. It has played an important role in the adhesion of cement mortar and organic materials (EPS, extruded plastic deformation insulation foam board) and smooth surface board. The demulsified polymer rubber powder is used to improve the raw material to be distributed in all cement mortar management systems to improve the bonding force of the cement mortar.

──Improve the impact resistance, use performance and wear resistance of cement mortar

The rubber powder particles fill the cavities of the cement mortar, the compactness of the cement mortar is improved, and the wear resistance is improved. Under the action of external force, it can cause relaxation without being destroyed. Polymer adhesive paper can be stored in the cement mortar management system.
──Improve the aging resistance and freeze-thaw cycle resistance of cement mortar to avoid cracking of cement mortar

Redispersible latex powder belongs to thermoplastics and has very good flexibility, which can make the cement mortar deal with the damage of the external heat and cold environment, and reasonably avoid the crack of the cement mortar due to the change of temperature difference.

──Improve the hydrophobicity of cement mortar and reduce water absorption

The redispersible latex powder breaks the emulsion in the pores and surface of the cement mortar. The polymer adhesive paper is not easy to disperse again when it meets with water, which prevents the intrusion of water and improves the level of impermeability. Unique redispersible latex powder with hydrophobic effect, the actual effect of hydrophobicity is better.

──Improve the cohesiveness of cement mortar engineering construction

The high polymer rubber powder particles have a wetting effect between the two components of the cement mortar to have independent fluidity. In addition, the rubber powder has an inductive effect on gas, giving the fluid density of the cement mortar, and improving the construction cohesiveness of the cement mortar.